The Du Val Clubs is Manukau’s most exclusive health and fitness centre providing owners at Lakewood Plaza access to state of the art services and facilities. With a fully equipped and fully serviced gymnasium including weights, cardio equipment, RPM and yoga rooms, residents can access a variety of different health and fitness options to suit their individual requirements.

Complementing these and adding to Lakewood’s luxurious offering is a 20 meter indoor swimming pool, along with sauna and steam rooms. The changing rooms provide a private sports club environment for residents and members.

Spa & Sauna

We’ve taken winding down to a whole new level

Lakewood Plaza was designed to be a sanctuary amongst the hustle of one of Auckland’s busiest city centres. Characterising this concept is the luxurious spa and sauna offering. Imagine having access to resort-like amenities just an elevator away. The spa and sauna facilities are a rewarding way to end the day and situated on the ground floor of our vertical community, they offer optimum convenience.

Lakewood Plaza
Lakewood Plaza

Swimming Pool

Each resident gains access to the state-of-the-art 20 metre swimming pool, the perfect way to cool off or wind down. The entire space has been intelligently designed to feel timeless, contemporary and tranquil, and will serve as the ultimate escape from a busy day.